Thursday, October 1, 2009

More Boobage

Why is it that we full chested gals can not find a decent bra that looks good?

I love Victoria's Secret and Aeri. But, sometimes it is so hard to find my size. I'm only a 38B, I'm sure my mother would say other wise but, I am what I say I am.

It gets difficult when you go shopping at their stores and you to find your size but they don't have it. Why is that? It's not like I'm some random outrageous size. It's a normal size!!

Every time I go into Victoria's Secret I go to the PINK collection. Why? Because they have the cutest bra's. That and their really girly and colorful. Which are all things that I love.

Even when I go onto Aeri's website and look it gets difficult. I see a really cute 2 colored polka-dotted bra, and I click on it to see how much it is, and see if they have my size....

They don't.

You may wonder why web sites say they offer size 34A-38DD but yet, when you look for what you like they don't have your size in what they want. I know I wonder.

I had to shop by size, and it pulled up a few of their collections. The ones I clicked on wound up having my size highlighted in blue, but what erked me was that it was select collections. Not all.

Is that fair? Is it fair to only offer your size in select collections or patterns? Why not all? Doesn't their clothes depend on selling, so therefore they depend on us. Well, if they don't offer our size then don't they loose possible customers, as well as good business.

I get so frustrated shopping for bra's. Mainly because it's a little depressing when you can't buy the cute bra that you saw in the sales add.

Shopping for bra's is an ordeal, so much so that you have to shop online to find your size, even though it's a normal size. Do they really think all girls have itty bitty boobs, and if so WHAT ARE THEY THINKING?

Granted if we really wanted a bra we could probably go to Wal-Mart or Target. But would we be able to get the same quality?

I'm just wondering, and really wanting some cute bra's.