Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tomato soup bowl

As I was cooking my dinner tonight...wait, let me re-phrase  that, as I was heating up my soup I was reminded about something from when I was a kid. The reason I was heating dinner rather than cooking per-se is because groceries have been costing me more money, so now that its getting colder outside, I'm resorting to buying soup, since it's cheaper and just a bit faster than preparing an actual meal for just me.

When I was growing up, my Mom had gotten these set of bowls as a gift. For what I'm not sure, there were four of them and each was different. One was onion, another was potato, another was mushroom, and the last one was tomato. They were really cute, they had recipes on the front for each different one, and they each had a handle like a cup on them.

For some strange reason, I would not eat out of any bowl but the tomato soup bowl. I didn't like tomato soup, really didn't even like tomato's at that point (still don't). It never failed that each time Mom served something that required a bowl (other than cereal and ice cream) I could be found eating out of that bowl.

What reminds me about that bowl, and I'm sure Mom has a picture of me eating out of that bowl too, was I was fixing myself vegetable soup for dinner. That's one of the soups that I always eat that and chicken-noodle. It's just one of those things as a kid that you tend to cling to, almost like a security blanket, except mine was a tomato soup bowl.

Kinda funny when you think about it!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Wants vs. Needs and a little rant about computers

For most of my life, I do believe my Mom has always talked about wants vs. needs and vice versa. I believe she tought me that it's not always about the wants but more about the needs.

I've been thinking a lot lately of a lot of wants. I keep thinking I want this and I want that, but how do I get that want? Then I have to stop, smack myself in the head and tell myself to shut the hell up, because I don't have anything to spare to splurge on a frivoulous want. Now I have to think about, what do I really need? Is is a necsessatiy? Is it something that can wiat? The one thing that tends to go back and forth on the needs and wants list is books, I love to read and I haven't read in a while. For the moment I'm waiting for the last of the Inheratince cycle to come out. For those of you that don't know, it's the last of the Erragon books.

There's so much that I want to do but can't at the moment, but human nature just makes me repetidly think about it. One such thing is an iPad and an iMac. I DO need a desktop, the desktop I have currently is OLD and OUTDATED, it's currently running Windows XP service pack 2. I even have my first laptop that has Windowns XP but it's service pack 1. The reason I believe I need a computer other than my laptop is the fact that my laptop recently went all wonky on me, and I can't update iTunes, or uninstall it, and the program that I was told to download and PAY FOR to fix the problem, couldn't fix it, and created an issue with my speakers. If I plug my headphones in, I can't here anything, the light on my laptop says the volume is on mute, but it's not I canm turn it onm and off but the ligfht never does.

My point to that rant is, I need to get my computer fixed, but I don't have anything other than another older than my current laptop, to use, but it doesn't have Microsoft Office on it. I made the mistake of trying to uprgrade that computer to Windows 7 when it came out from Windows Vista. BIG PROBLEM, BIG BLUNDER. My computer didn't really like it so it hasn't worked the same since. Ever since I got my newer laptop a year ago, I've been trying to figure out how to get rid of my older computers. I've been doing my best ot purge all information so that it's just bare bones of an operating system.

Wow, that was quite the Bunny trail I went down, sheesh let me get to the point. I need to fix my laptop but everything is on this one that I need for class, including the software for my Eaglevision classes. That's why I THINK I need a new computer. I want an iPad because they are so FREAKIN NEAT! Mom, has one and I was continuously commondering it when she was here two weeks ago.

SO to really break it down,, I'm putting myslef out there with my list of wants and needs, I'm hoping to find a way to acomplish this list all my own. I think it's important (at least to me) to be able to accomplish things on my own and by myeslf, makes me feel like I earned it more.

  • iPad
  • new douvet and sheets for my bed room with bedskirt
  • new house
  • Christian Loubuittin sparkely heels
  • L.K. Bennett nude heels
  • To take a cruise with some friends
  • Go to Europe with Mom
  • Get all my artwork in the house framed
  • Get more decoration for the house
  • Chirstmas tree
  • Comcast internet and TV
  • JOB
  • More winter clothes than what I have
  • Money
As you can tell I have more wants than needs. I hate the feeling of not having enough money, and being scared out of my mind everyday about what is going to come up next and bite me in the ass. I'm looking at differnt jobs everyday, I thinkmy biggest problem is I'm not finished with either of my degrees. One will be finished in March, the other should be May or June.

To me we are a wanting society. It's always about the want and less about the need, We need to help the holmess, but we don't want to take the time and do it. We need jobs in America but we want to go somewhere else that has cheap labor, so that anything that is wanted can be bought because the owner operator of the cheap labor is turning a high profit. Yet again, we need jobs, but the people of Congress and the politicians do not want to work together to figure this out. Word to the fat cat's on the Hill....Pull your well paid asses out of your rear ends, and help us find a solution!

Well that's my rant for the night, I'm going to wash my face and try and sleep, good night all!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Traveling bug...

I know, WOW...TWO in one day! That's saying something for sure! It's just something I've been thinking about and I just wanted to share my thoughts again. It's been three years since I've been anywhere outside the continental US, and I'm longing to get out for a vacation. My biggest desire is to go back to Europe and visit Paris and London again, maybe even see Italy again.

When I was eighteen I went on a cruise with my Nanny and my three year old cousin. It was on one of the newer cruising companies, but one that is very much up my alley. I went on a Disney cruise. It was a lot of fun for me, I was still a bit scared at that point to go out on my own and try some new things but at this point I'm less gun shy and more gung-ho!

They have a new ship that is making it's maiden voyage in March called the Disney Fantasy, and I WANT TO GO! Maybe not necessarily on the maiden voyage, but on that ship YES! I was just looking at photos and videos of the ship today, and boy howdy is it neat. They have this really neat water slide that goes over the side of the ship that they uniquely call an AquaDuck. No, not an Aqueduct an AquaDuck, in honour of Donald Duck. Who happens to be my favorite duck.

They (the imagineers at Disney) build their ships around the attractions, which is very different from most cruising companies. The neatest thing is that not only do they have families and kids in mind but they also do a lot for the adults. They have adult only areas two adult only restaurants, as well as a health club and spa. Almost every night theirs a Broadway show that is performed and theirs always a movie playing in a stadium seat theatre, as well as a promenade deck to run around if you feel like it. The new ship is very different in size from the first two ships. The Disney Fantasy and the Disney Dream are much bigger and have more to offer.

This picture shows the differnce between the two newest ships and the older ships that are in the foreground. Somehow some way I have got to find myself cruising on the water again.


Most people older than I, will know what my title means, some that are younger or my age may know too, but since this was a sitcom slash dramedy in the 1980's. It's probably a show you wouldn't think someone my age would like or own. But then again, I'm very different from a lot of people my age.

I could easily say its one of my favorite old shows. I have the first four seasons on DVD. You can watch them as re-runs on TV LAND and other networks, its just such a different show from what you see today. I love it and enjoy watching it over and over again.

MASH is set during the Korean war. The best part about the show is the humor. It's humor that doesn't have to be profane or inappropriate. The humor is poking fun at the situations with a lot of sarcasm pointed at a lot of historical figures and events that take place during the war. There have been some people who look at me like I'm crazy when they find out I actually have it on DVD.

My opinion is, don't knock it 'till you try it. It's just a show that has humor that you don't find in today's world of TV. There have been times when I'm rolling due to something that "Pierce" has done to "Frank Burns" or a combination of "Frank" and "Margaret." I've been watching it again the past couple of nights since I've been sick and yet again can't sleep. To me it's a show that doesn't get old. If you have the time and want to try something new sit down and watch an episode or two. Never know, you might just like it.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Thoughts all over the place

I know it has been a while since I have taken the time to write down my thoughts here for everyone to read. The semester previous to my current semester was a doozy. I had four classes that lasted for at least four hours or more each day but Friday. That was the most classes I had since I started at Gainesville College in 2002. Yes, it has been that long.

Currently I am unemployed. My plan A has not worked well since I can not go into the reserves with an open disability claim, and my claim still is not finished. At first being able to sit back and not have to worry so much about getting up or being late was nice, then the more I thought about, and the more that time passed the more I began to realize and fret more about not having more than just my BAH to help support me.

It's tough, very unpleasant, and I'm not even collecting unemployment. It's also getting to my favorite shopping season, and I have no money to shop either for myself or for my friends and family. My Mom was kind enough to let me buy some things on our credit card the other day, I really need winter clothes, I don't have that substantial of a wardrobe these days.

I went to the Georgia vs. Florida game on Saturday, and once again I was reminded of how much I want to go to the University. When we won and the players were running to the band and celebrating with the students, I just thought to myself that "I want to be a part of that." It's always been my desire to go to UGA ever since I was six and I went to my first football game. I'm almost done at Embry-Riddle, and I don't know what is next after I finish this summer.

Mom will possibly be shocked by my admission of the fact that, the thought of returning home has been running through my brain the last couple of days. Maybe it would be easier to return to Georgia after all, not that I don't love living in Jax, it's just if I want to go to UGA then somethings going to have to give. I don't know if it's a smart thing to do after all my hometown is not the brightest crayon in the box. But, I would be closer to family and my sister. Apparently our father has been driving her up the wall lately. Gee, why does that not surprise me?

Another thing is one again I'm just feeling a bit frustrated and sorry for myself. Not only because I've yet to successfully procure a job, but I still have no significant other. It's still just me and the dog, and everyone is always saying "oh you'll find someone" or "just be patient," frankly I'm just tired. I still believe that it's just going to be me and the dog for here on out. Sometimes when you're the kind of person that wants to share so much but has no one to share with, it just sucks. It would be nice to have someone to share my burden with right now, going it alone has taken a lot out of me.

I have so many thoughts and also fears, but that's just the way things go. I guess you could say or ask when is my luck going to change for the better?