Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dogs, cars and lieshes

Tonight, was one of THOSE nights. The one out of a million or so mundane nights that you've had before only this mundane night turned into something very different from what was expected.

After getting a surprise visit by one of my dear friends Zelda, we decided to go to the Dairy Queen and get a snack. She opted to take the dogs along. Since I had taken Daisy before, and I knew Minnie had done the same for Cindy, I figured why not. They would be tired by the time we got back anyway.

The walk there was uneventful, we got out ice cream and water, then we started out for home. That's when all hell broke loose so to speak.

Zelda had Cindy and I had Daisy and we were about to cross in the cross walk before the entrance to Taco Bell. That's when Cindy pulled out of he leash.

There was something in the road and Cindy jumped around it to see what it was and so did Zelda, by the time she realized that she no longer had her coller on, it was too late, Cindy was on the run.

We gave chase of Cindy, and I really thought she would stop. I figured she knew better being raised by Sarah.

She stopped for a moment in front of the boarded up Checkers, and I was only a few feet from her, and as I was about to grab her she took off.

We started running after her again, and mind you that I'm running in flip flops and Zelda's running in platforms.

There were some really nice people that tried to stop and help us corral Cindy. It almost worked, we had her blocked in by two cars, then she got through an opening...getting closer to the road...I ran after her after she got through the two cars trying to tap her in. Zelda was on the other side and I honestly thought our ordeal was almost over.

But remember, it was almost 10 o'clock at night on a Saturday on a very busy road in Jacksonville.

The next thing I know, Cindy had ran into traffic....

I heard Zelda yell for her, saw car's slamming on brakes and trying to stop, then I heard barking. I couldn't see what was happening...there were cars blocking my view, but the worse thing that could happen did happen...

She got hit by a car...then she turned around and barked at the it was the cars fault for hitting her and she was showing her indignation of being hit by barking at it.

Once again she was off and running...I lost sight of her and I couldn't tell where she had gone. I didn't know if she would run back to my house or run back to her house which is in the same subdivision.

As Zelda and I are run/walking down a poorly lit road by the house, a really nice lady stopped and told us to get in...mind you I never take rides from strangers, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

She told us that she had been following Cindy and she saw two other guys running after her, so she turned around and came and picked us up.

As she turned into our Subdivision, I asked her to just drop us off at the beginning of our street, but Zelda said let's just ride around and see if we can find her. As we got a little further down the street, we could see that the two gentlemen had found MY HOUSE!

When we pulled up to the house and I opened the garage door they were a little surprised to find out that she had ran all the way back to the house.

I finally had Cindy stopped we put her coller on and led her back into the house...of course saying thank you to the two gentlemen who took the time to help us.

The thing I didn't realize was that Cindy was bleeding...all over the place. Not bad, but she had cut up the pads of her paws from running on the pavement. I tried to calm her down once we got in the house but she just kept panting. Next thing you know, Zelda, Cindy and I are on our way to the Clay County Animal Emergency Room.

After a two hour visit and some powerful drugs later Cindy is on her way back to being the same 'ole pain in the rear dog...I'm just hoping that Minnie finally takes my advice and gets her a harness.

That way she can't slip out of collier and scare the hell out of anyone EVER again.

The only bad thing or hard thing was having to call Minnie and her sister to tell them what had happened. It was so hard to do, and I feel really horrible for what happened while she was here. It's safe to say I will NEVER dog sit again.

I feel awkward and a little reluctant when I talk to Minnie. This is two days after Cindy got hit by the car, and for me it's hard to face my friend. Even though she said it wasn't my fault and said I did the right thing, I feel like maybe she maybe a little mad at me. She may not say it but I feel like it's possible, even though she's an incredibly nice person, I think she's subject to the human emotion of madness.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Faith: What is it, and why do some of us tend to have more of it than others?

Me, I'm one of those that tends to have a lot faith in people and situations. Especially when it comes to my team. Curve Ball will tell me over and over again that Georgia will loose, and I say over and over again, no they wont. Why? Because I have faith in my team.

Sometimes I think I put to much faith in people. I guess I'm one of those people who chooses to see the good in people, or tries to see the good.

I have a lot of faith in my abilities, I just wish other people did too. People sell me short, don't give me enough credit, think I'm not good enough, or just think I'm stupid.

My co-workers and even my friends are guilty of not having faith in me or anything for that matter.

I'm the kind of person that wants to prove themselves. Prove that they can hang with the big boys, and play with big boy toys. But some people mistake that for being obstinate, when it's really just determination that drives me to finish my work, even when it's kicking my butt.

I also have faith in love. The love and bond that two people share despite the obstacles they must overcome in order to be. Most of all I have faith in me.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Boobs...women have then, some hate them, men tend to love them. Something I still don't get but whatever ( I have a feeling my mother may blush at the above sentence).

I've often wondered why we women have been "blessed" with boobs. Their either too small or to large, some get the happy medium others don't.

Every time I go for a run I think about this. Usually when there bouncing everywhere, despite the sports bra.

When you've got an abundance of boobage it makes it difficult to do many things, like running, swimming in a two piece, and wearing button up shirts.

As I was driving back to work the other day from PT, I noticed a woman who was a little heavy, and a rather large booty, and chest running with a partner. A thought occurred to running hard for her? It seemed like it was, I don't think her boobage was tied down at all.

It gets tough sometimes, you're trying to run but your boobs just move around so much that it takes more of an effort to run, and not feel like you're running out of breath.

The same thing goes for swimming. You can find a great pair of bottoms, which for me is hard to do but I do have one pair of bottoms that look great on me, but finding a top is difficult, especially when it's not made to be sold separately.

When I go swimming with the girls, we usually start to play around in the water, ya know, the doing flips doing handstands under water sort of thing. But every time I jump from in the water to out of the water to back in the water, my top doesn't like to stay on, or I'm constantly adjusting then readjusting my coverage.

Me, I love to dive, but once again when I dive my top doesn't like to. Sometimes it has a mind of it's own.

Some people are so lucky, they see a really cute button up shirt, the like it they buy it, all is well. Me or women like me however see a cute button up shirt, try it on, realize that when it's buttoned up, the buttons around the biggest part of our boobs pulls to either side and screams, "Hey look at me I'm a large pair of boobs in a shirt that doesn't fit."

One of my friends just recently had a reduction. She looks so much better now, her boobs look like they belong on her body. Before she had reduction, her boobs use to be so large that at night it would pinch a nerve in her back and make her arms or legs go numb for a little while.

I don't know if I will understand why women want to get "DD" or "FF" implants. That's just so much more weight on your top end that is really not that flattering. Granted, their are women who are born with little to no boobage who have a self esteem issue that decide later on in life to augmentation to alleviate that problem but their is such a thing as too much.

Boobage is also a problem when you're trying to loose weight and part of your weight is stuck in your boobs. Trust me, it wasn't until I dropped like 20 lbs on cruise that my boobs actually diminished in size slightly. I wish when I do weigh-ins for the PRT that we could subtract the weight of our boobs, especially since men don't have that issue, so weigh-ins are no problem for them.

Boobage is a bitch to deal with, their needs to be a way to diminish the boobage that we carry around with us for most of our lives with out surgery, or a dramatic drop in weight.