Thursday, April 28, 2011


I don't know what it is, but sometimes I get it and other times....I just DON'T!

Seriously! Can someone please tell me why the hell I don't get it!

I can do stuff on the homework and I do my best to carefully copy down the problems and work them out until their right, but then when it comes to the test, it's all Greek to me.

Math has never been my stong suit, this time around eventhough I get it, sometimes I think it has everything to do with my teacher and the lack of actual teaching that he does. I've never critized a teacher harsher than I have this dude, and my teacher from Aviation Law.

All my teacher did in Avi Law did was read from the book, jump around, talk about foot-ball, and then it was time to leave, class over. My math teacher just...doesn't get it!!!

I swear the dude is dilousinal when it comes to our class and our abilities. I understand there is a lesson plan that must be followed, but I think it can be adjusted to the needs of the calss. Not every calss is the same, let alone people.

I have never enjoyed failing, to me failing isn't an option. This is not like high school where you can go to summer school if you don't pass, this is the real world. I'm trying my damdest and nothing seems to be going my way.

Faling is something I did before I had a clue, it is not something as an adult that I want to have on my record, or my mind. I try and try and try again, I don't want to give up. I'm just not sure of what more I can do!

Class is almost over and I will be estatic when 1. I pass my class with at least and hopefully a B and 2.When I'm absolutely and completly finished with that calss and that teacher, I NEVER should have taken this calss with this teacher, it's obvious that I did not learn my lesson the first time around.

Some help would be aprreciated!