Monday, July 30, 2012


In the night you haunt me like a shadow that never seems to leave. My days are filled with want of another. I often wonder why you refuse to leave my thoughts and memories. It only makes it that much harder to find a peaceful existence. The days should be filled with the mindless thoughts of a past. I'm unsure of how to proceed some days, the memories are bittersweet but an unnessasary nuisance at the same time. The hump of an accord is a difficult and strange place to be. I only want what I everyone else has. I do not thin that is too much to ask of the Fates. Should they decide to act in my favor again. The Fates brought you to me once, and now they have brought someone anew. All I ask is that you leave me. Leave my dreams, leave my thoughts, just leave me be. The haunting of me is unwelcome. Apparition it is time you took your leave.