Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I've been wanting to touch on this subject for a while, I just haven't done it until now. I really believe that we should try and recycle what we can, believe it or not it does reduce the amount of waist that we go through and it is cost reducing if you re use something that you already have instead of trying to make it from scratch all over again. My reasoning for this is I look at where I work and I see how much waist we go through. We have what we call a Geedunk, that's Navy talk for candy. It has more than that like, chips, soda, water, cough drops, aspirin, coffee, oatmeal, and lots of other stuff. Well, when you're going there what seems like thirteen million times a day to get a water or a soda, and when you're done with it what do you do? Throw it away in the trash can. There's more that you can do with that if you or we would actually make an effort to recycle. We waste so much where I work and it doesn't seem to phase anyone that we can actually reduce the amount that were throwing away. Also, we have shredders that eat up lots of paper and what do we do when it's full....throw it in the trash instead of trying to recycle. If we actually could put forth and effort we could have a tremendous effect on the environment and a lot of other stuff. I know that I'm probably preaching to the Choir here but take the time and go the extra step to help the earth and reduce the amount of waist that we go through, if we don't do it who else is going to? The little green men from Mars? If there is such a thing! So come on get up don't throw that plastic bottle in the trash set it aside and recycle it.

Airframers and the amusment we find in the simple things

Airframers are a special breed of NAVY worker bees. We are hard working, strong, and best of all amused by the little things. Primary example is how they guys I work with began entertaining themselves with foam from a part. They first began by throwing the the foam around the shop and trying to hit people with the foam, then they progressed to trying to stick their heads through the cut out in the foam. It was amusing to watch them do that, but the thing is don't let the guys anywhere near tape or zip ties or else you will have your hands zip tied behind your back and possibly have yourself tapped to a chair. Then if they get tired of throwing around just plain old foam they might find the tape. Then they will take the tape and wrap the foam up into a foam tape ball and throw it around the room. Sometimes the amusing part is just sitting inside the helicopter swapping sea stories back and forth. But then again it's also funny when someone finds out they have advanced to the next paygrade and their told to go stand in the corner, all the while that person is standing there trying not to laugh with you. Why oh why are we they way we are? We are a strange bunch of people so strange that some have been known to swing from the rafters and act like a monkey...seriously...others will just cut you off when you're talking and tell you to shut up, well even when you're not saying anything they will do it. Go figure at the strangeness.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Understanding...or not

Sometimes when you need someone to understand or many someones to understand they don't. They may or may not try. The only person that would know if they did or did not would be them. My friends, well most, with the exception of two don't seem to really understand why I do what I do. Friends are there to support you and be there for you through the bad times, it doesn't mean that they agree with what you are doing. Most of my friends don't understand why I still love Him, or why I still want to be with him. First of all they are not us, so therefore they don't understand what is between us or what we have talked about on a one on one bases, and second of all they may not have the devotion and patience and possibly the love that I posses. I'm the type of person that doesn't give up or doesn't want t0 give up. I don't do the bashing of the one that has hurt me and I'm not putting my life on hold. My friends seem to think that I'm putting my life on hold for Him, and I'm not. I will see other people if the occasion arises, but it will only be to fill the void. I don't want to be with any other person at this moment and I don't know when or if I will want to. But it's my decision to make, and I appreciate their concern, I just need them to understand that it's my decision to make and I'll make the one that suites me the best. Love is not a light switch, you can't turn it off and on at a moments notice.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Short comings and having it pointed out to you over and over again

Sometimes, I really don't get some people and their actions. I don't understand why people say they want to help when in all actuality they just want to do what they always do. Point and laugh at you. You can try your best and the moment you don't pass and don't fail there their to say that you failed that you don't know what you're doing. They point it out to you and it feels like someone is cutting you deep, the old rubbing salt into your wounds deal. It sucks, it makes me want to crawl into a hole and disappear. I don't like people knowing my business, mainly because the moment something happens there are a what feels like a million people there to point it out to you over and over again. I came very close to hitting someone today, and I'm not like that at all. But when someone repeatedly calls you a failure and has been there calling you such for years you reach the end of the rope, and all you want is for them to leave you alone and stop pointing out my faults. I don't know why it's always the nice people that get the short end of the stick. It's like you can never win no matter how hard you try. Makes you want to disappear, you try and you try and then you try again but you didn't make it the last time. Are they so insecure in their own body they have to make you feel even more insecure in yours? I just want to be left alone, I want people to quit harassing me and saying bad things about me, but that will never happen. I can say it all I want and it does nothing. It takes a lot to get me to the point where if you don't shut up I will turn around a slug you as hard as I can! I'm so tired of being the one that gets picked on that people just seem to hate, I don't get it, what did I ever do to them to deserve that? I hate failing and even when I don't fail but don't pass I feel like I failed and then when other people point it out to me and make fun of me and try to say stuff about me, I just want to run hide, cry and scream. I can't take much more, it's driving me insane to have people know my business and my short comings, I try my best and it's never any good, I'm an extremely private person and when you know my business and you shout it to the world it makes we want to leave and never come back. I'm so done with the stupid people I work with I want to go IA or somewhere where their not. I just want and need to go away for a little while, they wont miss me and they don't need me so why should I waste my time trying? They do fine with out me so send me someplace where someone will need me to help somewhere new where I can start over new, with no one there to point out my mistakes and short comings every chance they get.