Monday, June 1, 2009


Daisy is my one year old beagle. She's a pain and a joy to have all at once. My baby girl is smart and she cares about everyone even me. The funny part is the way she tells you when she wants to play.

She has this squeaky green Elephant that I named Horton, from Horton hears a Who. When she wants to play she will find her Elephant and bring it to you squeak it and hit you or nudge you with it until you throw it. I can be sitting here typing and she will get the urge to play with the darn thing and then she'll come up to me and hit me with it repeatedly until I finally brake down and throw it for her. The key thing is to throw it far so she will run after it, that way she gets tired faster. She's so funny when it comes to going potty. She goes to the glass door and will rustle the blinds cry a bit and stand there at the corner of the couch where you can see her, and wait for you to get up. If you don't get up or notice her right away she will keep doing it. If you really, really, ignore her she'll do it a few times then she will bark at you and basically say to you I need to go out now let me out of here.

When it comes down to me being sad or crying she's the one who tries to make you feel better. She gives you that big brown puppy dog eyed look, until you can't help but smile. If that doesn't do it though she'll cry and then hop up on your lap, try to climb up your chest and hug you. It's really cute when she does it, and really sweet. She's a cuddle monkey that girl. She loves to cuddle. Whenever she sleeps in the bed she has to sleep right next to you, and not only that but she has to sleep under the covers most of the time. She's fun to play with and she loves everyone, and if you forget to fill her bowl with water she'll try and climb the counter to get some, or sit there and cry until you fill her bowl. I guess that's all about my Beagle Baby for now, I'm sure there will me more stories about her to come.

Airframers and the amusment we find in the simple things #2

This is only the second installment of many stories that I'm sure I will wind up passing along, due to the insane things or strange things that my co-workers and I find ourselves doing.

So, to start my story here's the setting, myself and 3 other co-workers or shipmates for those who understand Navy lingo, we were out on one of our aircraft's checking the lead and lag of a rotor blade to see if there was a dampener leaking. Well, when we do that we have this large strap that we throw over the blade then one or two people will pull on the strap while one is up on the top of the aircraft looking at the dampener while the people on the ground are pulling. As we began to walk back to our shop one of the guys begins rolling up the strap and the other one picks up the other end. Then out of no where one of the guys tells the other chick were working with to jump in. They started swinging the strap like it was a jump rope. She runs up to it and the guys falter. They couldn't even get it up over her head, it was funny to see and then the guys were saying it would be funny to go and ask one of our Chiefs to join in. They jokingly ask him, and he declines saying they should get another strap and make it double dutch then he might decide to jump in.

It goes to show you that we really are a strange bunch and that we can find anything out there to entertain ourselves with. That and the fact that even as adults we still tend to do things that were fun to us as kids. Jump roping and laughing.