Sunday, July 19, 2009

Red bags...

Is it me, or am I the only one who takes the red bags to Target to go shopping?

Reason I'm asking is because I never see anyone else taking those bags in, and when I do I almost feel bad because their use to just using the plastic bags. But I always hated using those darn things.

For one, when you have something cold and you put it in the bag the bag would stick to the cold thing, but if you get the reusable bags it doesn't. Thing two, there were always entirely too many bags to contend with, and never more than two items or more in each bag.

I love using the reusable bags. There's so much more than can fit in there and you can carry them a lot better than you could a regular plastic bag. Example, you can put multiple bags over your shoulder like a carrying bag. Can you do that with a plastic bag? You could try but I'm not sure if the bag would stay intact.

Going paperless is a great idea. At least to me it is! Their are multiple uses for the bags you don't even have to use them to buy groceries. If you go there for other things use it then. Try it out, go to a store like Target grab a reusable bag and try it out see how you like it, you never know until you try.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bath time

Today was bath time. Bath time, for Daisy and Cindy Lou. It's quite the ordeal for Cindy to get a bath, reason being is that she's a big 'ole chicken when it comes to getting a bath. Her Mom told me that she had her teeth brushed and her ears cleaned and the bath was the last part of it. Then after she was done with her bath she was going to go home and pout.

Daisy is relatively calm when it comes to getting a bath. A lot less than Cindy, but she looks like she enjoys it to me. It's a struggle at first to get her all wet but once you start the scrubbing and spray her on her tummy she really likes it.

Another part of bath time is Cindy and Daisy playing. Well Daisy tries to play and Cindy just tries to eat her. Not really but that's what it looks like. So Cindy went first today, because she started playing rough the moment the moment those two saw each other. Her Mom had to tighten down her caller she said "this time their will be no escape artist." Normally what happens is, the moment Cindy sees the water and knows what's going on she does her best to get away from it. So when one person tries to pull and she's pulling in the opposite direction, she's bound to slip out of her caller.

They really are a pair those two. An odd pair but their friends. Really they are! Once they've calmed down, they will even take naps with each other.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Trying to sleep when you have a very playful dog...

Today I came home from work and I decided that it was time to take a nap. I've been so exhausted the past couple of day's and I don't know why. I haven't been working out on the flight line so I know it's not the heat. Sometimes it pays off to be stuck in front of a computer.

Getting back to point of the story. When I came home today, after taking Daisy out to potty and do all that good stuff, I immediately went upstairs put my pj's on and tried to lay down and sleep for a little while. What I didn't know was what the dog was going to do while I tried to sleep.

At first she was ok or I think she was ok with me going upstairs to lie down, but then I realized that she really wanted me to play with her. Weather I'm laying down or sitting in my chair.

She keeps coming and jumping on the bed with her favorite toy a squeaky Elephant I call Horton, after Horton hears a Who. Daisy has the Elephant in her mouth and she keeps hitting me with it, and will not stop. I have my hand above my head and she takes the Elephant and tries to put it my hand. What she's saying is "come on, throw the toy, I want you to throw toy."

Naturally, I throw the Elephant out of the room, and time and time again she kept bringing it back to me . Finally I was so tired that I just quit throwing it, and she hopped up on the bed curled up in a little ball and decided to take a nap herself. There's one thing you got to know about my baby girl...she's relentless, but she's cute!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Airframers and the amusment we find in the simple things #3

One again my co-workers have done it. They've found amusement amongst themselves, and to I get the opportunity to write about it. It's similar to the Three Stooges, although the one stooge in this story didn't mind what they were doing.

We'll call my three stooges Father, Son, and Dem sum. Besides that's some of the many names that they are called. It starts out with Father sitting on the table in the shop waiting for the meeting to be over with, when Son noticed a hanging shoe lace from Fathers boot, and the comedy ensued from there.

As it turns out Son likes to play jokes on Father and Dem sum likes to join in on whatever he can. Father didn't mind he was laughing along with them. Son took one shoe lace from each boot and tied it together. Mind you that Fathers legs are dangling off the table at this point. Well, Son then decides to tie one shoe lace to the table legs, and while Son was doing that Dem sum decided to tie the other shoe string to the other side of the table. He did that while Father was distracted.

When Son finished tying the shoe lace Father starting laughing when he realized that he couldn't get down from the table and if he did, he would fall off, head first. While the rest of us including Father are laughing at his predicament, here comes the Night Check supervisor from out of no where with scissors and cuts his shoe lace free from the table.

Most of us were still laughing, ans then someone asked why he did that we were having fun. He said "I know, but I wasn't" and then her started laughing. It was amusing to watch father try and re lace his boots, especially since he didn't even them out to begin with and now one side was shorter than the other, then he couldn't even lace his boot all the way up and wrap the laces around. So what did he do? He laced his boot halfway up then snipped off the odd end.

Also, it seems that the other day when Father was once again distracted by Son, that another stooge we call "T" zip-tied him to the FOD can in the shop. Father didn't realize that he was zip-tied to the can, so when he got up to go somewhere, he stood up and started clanking when he walked and then he noticed he was zip-tied to the can. He just laughed and said "free seat" and sat down.

All I'm saying is everyone has their own set of stooges. These are just a mere 3 of the many.

Friday, July 3, 2009

What tha!

What else is next? Fist the one person in this world I love the most leaves me then my curve ball finds out he's leaving on Sunday. He's not going to Iraq yet, he has to go through training. But he's going there eventually and he'll be back about this time next year. I'm sad to see him go, he's one of my close friends and I don't really know what's next at least as far as I go? I'm at a loss for most anything these days, I'm not sure what to do, most of my friends say there's nothing I can do. It just seems that I'm losing at every turn. My best friend just told me she's engaged and when her fiancee gets back from cruise their going to be married. I'm very happy for her but at the same time it hurts because I was going to be getting married when my guy got back next summer, now I'm not and it hurts every day that I think about that and no one not even me, can do anything about it.

My 25th birthday

On the 29th of June I turned 25. So since it was my birthday my friend Gin (Ginny Link) decided that she would make the best of it for me starting at 1145 the night before. The story with that is two years ago we had flown to VA to go to the boat on early det for COMPTUEX, and I told her as we were sitting on the bus going to the boat that it was my birthday, it was 1219 am and what does the woman do? She yells out that it's my birthday and tries to get everyone to sing happy birthday to me that was there, it wound up being just here but it was funny and embarrassing, but it was sweet of her to do. That's why she decided to show up at my house at 1145 on the 28th. I had just gotten back from SC and was exhausted and trying to sleep but she was persistent then she decides to call me and tell me to come down and let her in! I told her let yourself in you have a key!!! In all her bubblieness she came in and waited for it to be 19 minutes after midnight and proceeded to sing happy birthday to me, and she brought a balloon for me! So the very same morning much later now, I went and picked her up at her apartment and took her to PSD, then I had to stop and get gas on base. Shouldn't have stopped I just new she was going to do something, and oh boy did she. She's on the other side of the car standing up and talking to me over the car as I'm getting gas and then next thing you know she's telling everyone that it's my birthday as loud as she could. Then there was lunch and oh boy can she be a sneaky little devil, we had just sat down to eat and she was telling me she forgot her phone in the car (yeah, right) so I gave her the keys and she comes back sits down, and tells me I might want to move that box next to me before somebody trips over it. I has no idea where it cam from and she had this "I'm innocent look" on her face. She kept bugging me to open it. I was trying to wait until after I had finished my lunch but nope I had to open it then. She had made me a knotted UGA fleece blanket that had two different sides. One had Harry dawg on it, the Arches, and the Older UGA bulldog on it, the other side is my favorite, it has the UGA "G" on it printed in an Argyle style. So we've finished eating and I knew she was going to do something yet again and she did I couldn't walk fast enough. She started singing happy birthday to me as we walked out of Zaxby's. Gin is a one of a kind gal!