Saturday, September 8, 2012

Bright Ideas

Sometimes I wonder if my Mom wonders where the hell I get my hare-brained ideas from.

Why do I wonder if she wonders? Easy. Because I do come up with some really bright ideas. My latest a 5K in Disney World. I've wanted to do a run down there ever since I discovered that there were runs. There is a marathon weekend in January and February that generally involves a marathon, half marathon, and a family fun run 5K. To me, it seems like a lot of fun. They have a fitness expo at the Wide Workd o Sports ESPN center the day before the races begin.

The expo is where go to check in and get everything you need for the race that weekend. They also have fitness talks and tips and they even have professionals there that will give you tips on how to increase your time and how to maintain your mile time. It looks like a lot of fun to go down there for the weekend enjoy the park, and run through Epcot while no one is there except the runners.

Most of my friends know that I am a Disney fan, and that is a plus of doing the run down there. Especially, if you stay at one of the resorts then you get a discount rate on the rooms and tickets, but not only that, the day of the race they have buses that will run to take you to the start line. I think Mom is a little more reluctant to go beause it is Disney and it does cost money to stay there for the two nights that we will be there.

One of the funnier and more brilliant things about the races is the fact that, they actually encourage you to dress up, be whimsical, and run the race at the same time. There are a fair amount of people who actually will. I see it as a prime opportunity for Mom to do her favorite silly and embarass me. It's always a sight to see my Mom ride a grocery cart across the parking lot, and if I'm not around to see it, she has the courtesy to  all or text me just to let me know. I think she even emailed me to tell me that when I was on cruise.

I have wanted to do the half marathon, but I haven't trained for it and even Mom Sachs she can't do a half marathon, after  it is 13 point something miles. My goal is to see how well I like the 5K and if I do I want to train and do my best to try and participate in the Wine and Dine half marathon in Seotember of next year. It has been a while since I've ran long distance, but thanks to Run Disney and Nike+ I have a program that I can create to help me get ready. I'm more fond of running on the beach's really nice to run with a sea breeze and wave sounds, and if you're feeling frisky, you can run in the surf or just jump into the water once you've finished running. That's what Mom does after a bike ride, she will get home and immediately jump into the pool with all her bike clothes on.

When I was younger and went on BRAG wit her, my cousin and I thought it was the funniest thing in the world to see pee jump into the pool with their clothes on, especially when it was my Mom.

I'm really hoping and looking forward to doing the Disney World Mickey and Minnie Royal Family Fun Run 5K. I think it would be a great experience and it's something for me to focus on and work towards, especially since I will be done with school in a few months. I just hope Mom is onward with my latest bright idea, if not then I hope that I can get some friends to join me.

Fingers crossed, hoping for a job, and hoping to do something new and never done before.

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